3 reasons your venue could benefit from acoustic walls

Acoustic walls are a wonderful addition to any venue. Not only are they remarkable in their ability to partition spaces but also provide flexibility. There are a plethora of reasons your venue could benefit from acoustic walls but here is a guide of three to get you started:


Flexible Work Spaces

Firstly, if you’re looking for a product that will offer your flexibility and versatility in your space – look no further than acoustic walls. At ModernGlide, we offer movable walls that will enhance your space and cater to your needs at any given moment. Acoustic walls can be installed to allow you to alter spaces and then change them back when needed! The need for flexible spaces within buildings is becoming more common. And our walls will allow you to meet your ever changing needs in any given situation. What more could you want?


Transforming a Space

At ModernGlide our acoustic walls can also be moveable. This would be a huge benefit for any venue as it gives you huge amounts of choice and can increase available space dramatically. This multipurpose product can also help you with the restrictions imposed in this current climate. With the need for social distancing this would be a great addition to schools and office spaces that need to limit numbers of people in certain areas. Which is a much quicker and cheaper option than renovating or extending your current space, too. 


Contained, but Accessible

Another reason your venue could benefit from acoustic walls is that they can allow you to achieve seclusion without feeling secluded. This is because our walls can be made from glass if you desire this. This means that colleagues, gym classes and others can be separated and ‘contained’ in their own smaller bubbles. But they’ll still have visual interaction with others! This sleek and elegant look will both smarten up any space and allow complete audio privacy- and we think this is perfect for offices! Why not give them a try and marvel at the outcome? 


Contact us for acoustic walls


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