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MG700 – Top & Bottom Rail Glazed

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Operating & Maintenance Manual MG700 March 2024

Elevate the aesthetic and functionality of any space with the MG700 system from ModernGlide, a cutting-edge solution in glass sliding panels. Designed for sophistication and smooth operation, the MG700 system redefines the possibilities of space division with its sleek, frameless sliding glass doors.

This system is perfect for those who seek to infuse their environments with light and a sense of openness, while still providing the option for privacy and acoustic separation when needed.

Our frameless sliding glass doors offer an unobstructed view, creating a seamless transition between spaces. The MG700 system is the embodiment of elegance and modern design, blending effortlessly into any architectural style. Whether it’s for commercial, residential, or hospitality settings, these doors enhance the visual appeal of any room, promoting a bright and airy atmosphere.

Incorporating top and bottom rail sliding systems, the MG700 ensures stability and ease of operation unmatched in the industry. This innovative feature allows for the smooth and effortless movement of the glass panels, providing a reliable and secure way to open or close off areas. The top and bottom rail system is meticulously designed to support the weight of the glass, ensuring durability and longevity of your installation.

The MG700 system is not just about visual appeal; it also offers practical benefits. The frameless design minimizes interruptions in sightlines, making spaces appear larger and more inviting. Additionally, the top and bottom rail sliding systems are engineered for a quiet and smooth operation, enhancing the user experience by allowing for the effortless reconfiguration of spaces.

This MG700 system on our technical page, where you’ll find detailed videos that showcase the elegance and functionality of our glass sliding panels. Experience how ModernGlide’s MG700 system can transform your space, combining transparency, flexibility, and design in a way that elevates the standard for movable glass partitions.

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