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MG200 – Sliding Folding Partitions

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Elevate the functionality and aesthetics of any space with the MG200 system from ModernGlide, a leading solution in sliding folding partitions. Designed to meet the evolving needs of modern architectures, the MG200 embodies flexibility, style, and acoustic performance. Whether it’s for commercial, educational, or hospitality settings, our bi-folding doors offer a seamless transition between spaces, combining the practicality of movable walls with the elegance of contemporary design.


The MG200 system sets the standard for acoustic sliding partitions, offering a soundproofing solution that doesn’t compromise on visual appeal. Perfect for spaces requiring versatile area management without sacrificing sound quality, our sliding walls provide an effective barrier against noise, ensuring privacy and a peaceful environment. This innovative system is not just about functionality but also about creating visually appealing spaces that enhance the user experience.

Our technical page provides an in-depth look at the MG200 in motion, with videos that demonstrate the ease with which these sliding folding partitions can transform any area. The unique design of our bi-folding doors allows for smooth operation, ensuring that reconfiguring your space is not only simple but also efficient.

The MG200’s sophisticated mechanism showcases the perfect blend of design and technology, highlighting how easy it is to enjoy the benefits of flexible space without compromising on sound insulation or style.

Discover the MG200 system, where cutting-edge design meets unparalleled soundproofing capabilities. ModernGlide’s acoustic sliding partitions are the solution for those who value versatility, aesthetic, and acoustic privacy in one package. Let our sliding walls redefine your concept of space, offering endless possibilities for customization and functionality that adapts to your specific needs.

Video –Centre Folding – Single Wing

MG200 Operating Video

Video – Endfolding – Single Wing

Video – Endfolding – Bi-Partition