Movable Acoustic Wall – MG100

Movable Acoustic Walls – Highest acoustic rating – Multi-stacking options – Individual panels – Fixed wall appearance.

Our MG100 Movable Acoustic Walls are ideally suited for high-specification where movable walls need to provide the environment with flexible, extensive stacking arrangements and high acoustic performance.

The made-to-measure panels of these operable walls work through an internal, retractable mechanism and move quietly and quickly along the head track. In their closed position, the MG100 movable walls are extremely secure and rigid.

The top and bottom seal operation on the MG100 movable wall system can be upgraded to the semi-electric seal operation by a flick of a switch.

At ModernGlide, we have sourced an excellent range of panel finishes, ranging from our standard melamine to veneers to personalised digital images, to give you complete design flexibility.

Movable Walls Key Facts & Specifications:

  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 58dB
  • Top-hung with no floor track
  • Panel widths of 650mm to 1250mm
  • Height up to 12000mm
  • Full height or inset pass door options
  • Semi-electric top and bottom seal options
  • Versatile stacking via single or double-point suspension
  • Finishes include melamine, laminate, veneer and magnetic wipe board
  • Integral glazing options
  • 30 minute and 1 hour fire rating


Benefits of having a MG100 Movable Wall

As you can see from our key facts and specifications above, there are many benefits that come with having a movable wall in your environment. Whether that be commercially or domestically.

An element of flexibility is suddenly added to your space. And the environment can quickly be manipulated to cater for any of your flexible space needs, whether that be for meetings or a little bit of privacy.

Our MG100 Series also has a strong fire rating of up to 1 hour. We believe that not only should our products look sleek and provide a practical option. But most importantly, they should be able to be called upon in times of emergency.

Contact Us for Movable Acoustic Walls

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