Technical Details

MG500 – Flush Glazed Sliding Folding Doors

ModernGlide MG200 O&M March 2024

Our MG500 system by ModernGlide, the forefront of innovation in flush glazed sliding partitions. This state-of-the-art system combines sleek design with functional excellence, offering an unparalleled solution for spaces requiring transparent and acoustic separation. The MG500 system embodies elegance and efficiency, making it the ideal choice for offices, commercial spaces, and high-end residential areas where maximizing natural light and maintaining sound privacy are paramount.


Our glass acoustic sliding systems are designed not just for aesthetic appeal but also for superior sound insulation. The MG500 ensures that your spaces can be visually connected while acoustically private, providing the perfect balance between open-plan aesthetics and the need for quiet, concentrated areas. This system integrates seamlessly into any design, enhancing the architectural beauty without compromising on functionality.

Featuring hinged glass sliding partitions, the MG500 offers flexibility and ease of access unmatched in the industry. This innovative approach to movable walls allows for effortless reconfiguration of spaces, making it possible to adapt any environment to meet changing needs. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic workspace or a versatile home layout, the MG500 delivers with style and precision.


Moreover, our glass bi-folding doors extend the functionality and elegance of the MG500 system, providing an attractive solution that combines the benefits of glass partitions with the convenience of folding systems. Perfect for creating flexible divides in both small and large spaces, these doors fold neatly away, allowing for a seamless transition between separated and open areas.


Explore the MG500 system on our technical page, where detailed videos illustrate the beauty and functionality of these glass partitions in action. See for yourself how ModernGlide’s MG500 system can transform any space into a versatile, light-filled, and acoustically controlled environment.

Video – MG500 Operable W Paired Door

Video – MG500 Fully Auto

Video – ModernGlide MG500 Effortless Movement

Video – Endfolding – Bi-Partition