MG900 Single Glazed Crittall Sliding Folding Partitions

We’re delighted to be able to offer our MG900 single glazed sliding folding wall partitions with crittall glazing.

Individual or hinged panel single glazed sliding system with the option of with crittall bars. This single glazed sliding system can achieve 34dB.

The benefit of our MG900 panels is that they work in the same way as conventional movable walls and can be either single or double point suspension. With the slim back painted border you have clear view visual lines. This allows a superior light flow around the office, cost-effective installation and flexibility in the work environment. Plus the simple fact that they look elegant and classy. Not only these, but they also offer exceptional sound reduction allowing for privacy to be had amongst clients or for important internal meetings.

The MG900 glazed system is a 35mm thick panel that can be incorporated into your standard fixed glazed partitioning system.So this unique 35mm thickness gives endless designs and layout options.

Furthermore, the aluminium frame can be coloured to your choice to match your design or branding needs. These panels retain a room’s spacious sense of proportion and maximise light and clear viewing lines. Truly a magnificent office aesthetic.

MG900 Key Facts

  • Acoustic reduction from 34dB
  • Slimline 35mm thick panels
  • Top hung with a shallow 4mm floor guide
  • Panel widths 450mm to 1200mm
  • Height up to 3000mm
  • Panel border finish any chosen RAL finish
  • Crittall bar glazing designs to suit your design needs


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