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MG600 – Flush Glazed Operable Wall

Maintenance and Operation Manual MG600 March 2024

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Transform your workspace into a beacon of modern design and functionality with the MG600 system from ModernGlide. Our MG600 series sets the benchmark for glazed office partitions, offering unparalleled transparency, acoustic performance, and sleek aesthetics. Designed to meet the demands of contemporary office environments, the MG600 system facilitates a visually open yet acoustically private workspace, enhancing productivity and collaboration.


The flush glazed movable walls of the MG600 series exemplify the pinnacle of design innovation, merging seamless aesthetics with practicality. These walls provide the flexibility needed in dynamic office layouts, allowing spaces to be quickly and easily reconfigured without sacrificing sound quality or visual appeal. The flush glazed design ensures a clean, minimalistic look, aligning perfectly with modern architectural trends.

Embrace the sophistication of flush glazed operable walls with the MG600 system. Engineered for ease of use and superior acoustic isolation, these operable walls offer an effective solution for dividing workspaces while maintaining a sense of openness and light. The MG600’s exceptional soundproofing capabilities ensure that private meetings and focused work sessions remain undisturbed, making it an ideal choice for today’s multifunctional office spaces.


Additionally, our acoustic glazed sliding partitions redefine flexibility and style. The MG600 system provides an elegant, space-saving solution for separating areas without the need for traditional swinging doors. These sliding partitions glide smoothly, offering effortless operation and the ability to create private spaces as needed while preserving the flow of natural light.


Explore the MG600 system on our technical page, where you can view detailed videos showcasing the innovative features and seamless operation of our glazed office partitions. Discover how the MG600 series by ModernGlide can elevate your office design, combining the best of aesthetics, acoustics, and functionality to create an environment where productivity and creativity flourish.

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