Sliding Walls & Doors – MG400

The MG400 Series is the perfect solution to create a forward-thinking environment that will impress clients and guests. Our sliding doors & sliding walls remains out of sight when stacked creating a ‘clutter-free’ look to the environment.

Additionally, for practicality purposes, the MG400 also has maximum opening space meaning that it provides the easiest access to your surroundings.

Another benefit to our straight sliding doors is that they can be top-hung or floor-supported, meaning we are able to cater for your space, whatever your site structural circumstances.

MG400 Versatility

The MG400-S is a quick and easy way of closing off spaces with a pull-and-push straight sliding panel system, which enables a flexible solution with the division of rooms where a stacking partition system would take up too much space.

The MG400 straight slider can be also used as a pocket door and stack into a recess opening to create a clear open space. The functionality that we can provide is endless.

Furthermore, there is a variety of commercial applications for the MG400 series. They are ideal for offices, schools, universities, hotels, leisure facilities, community centres and even churches.

Straight Slider Key Facts & Specifications

  • Acoustic reduction from 37dB to 42dB
  • Top-hung or floor-supporting
  • Height up to 4,000mm
  • Melamine and veneer finishes
  • Door ironmongery as standard
  • Inline of pocket stacking


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