Top & Bottom Sliding Acoustic Doors

Enjoy the benefits of a flexible top and bottom rail system which utilises a range of acoustic panel finishes. Designed to reduce the noise pollution generated in every day interactions, the panels come in a range of designs and colours.

These designs can either be a primary solid colour, or depending on your preferences, have different styles implemented to create different designs. Please see our images for some examples of these. In total, there are 15 different colours to choose from and the panels are made from 100% PolyesterFibre (PET); a durable and long-lasting material.

Panel Specifications

The sliding acoustic partitions can be made up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm in height with a 12mm thick acoustic PET panel. The primary function of the PanelHush Slide is to reduce and control the echo and reverberation within different spaces. All whilst being visually eye-grabbing and certainly a topic of discussion.

Not only are the products the perfect solution for your noise pollution, but above all else, they need to be relied upon when you need them most. Each of our acoustic panels have an ISO 9705: 1993 Classification: Group 1-S Smoke Production Rate fire rating

Sliding Acoustic Partition Key Facts

  • Top and bottom rails can be powder coated
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Unlimited pattern designs


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