4 Benefits of Movable Glass Office Partitions: Create Flexible Workplace Spaces

Movable Glass Office Partitions


With the rate at which we work inevitably increasing, the office landscape has also changed along with it. No longer are personal stalls in fashion as they are both unaesthetic and limit efficient teamwork and communication.


In order to keep up with fast flowing industries, flexible offices are a must in order to maximise communication, house more staff and cater for more clients. This is where a dynamic work space is essential. 


Having movable glass office partitions not only look great, but are also a great step in creating a dynamic office that can aid in business development and growth. There are multiple benefits and uses of dynamic partitions. If you are thinking of modernising your office space, we would like to inform you of 4 benefits that having a glass office partition provides your business.


Instant Meeting Rooms


Creating instant meeting rooms means that the office can become a more open environment. as stationary walls and partitions are no longer needed. With the walls being movable, it means that the meeting rooms can be flexible for specific meetings.


If you need a larger space to present to a board, the glass office partitions allow for a larger office space. If the same meeting space then needs to be minimal for the next client, our dynamic glass partitions can be easily manoeuvred to a more intricate setting.


Furthermore, if a client catches you by surprise, with a few pulls of a partition and you have an instant meeting that allows you and your client to speak in confidence. Having the ability to be flexible will not only appear impressive to your clients, but will ultimately allow your employees to think on their feet and contribute more to the business.


Better Lighting


The light flow that glass office partitions offer enables you to cut down on artificial lighting (unless it’s typical UK weather!). Being able to cut down on costs of lighting multiple meeting rooms individually can allow for further investment into key areas of your business. 


With glass office partitions, you are able to instantly create the meeting rooms. And still retain the light from the rest of the office. The best part about the entire process is that the movable walls still offer intense sound reduction to the outside. The confidence and privacy are just as prominent if it were a solid wall.


A Larger Office Space


Subliminally, having glass partitions means that the individual office rooms can appear bigger upon initial glance. Having a larger office space also provides a feel of inclusion and less segregation. Being able to see all your fellow colleagues and employees (even when in meetings) provides a sub-conscious perspective of one team.


When there are no meetings taking place, the dynamic glass office walls are able to be tucked away against the wall until they are needed again. This allows the office to open up into one large workfloor when there are no clients. Again, having one large room with all employees within creates a togetherness and boosts morale amongst the team.


Aesthetically Pleasing


As mentioned before, a lot of office spaces are starting to modernise. A great first step to take towards modernising the office are glass partitions. 


Not only do they look clean and slick, but they also present a transparent ambience to the office; there are no secrets to be had.


Additionally, we are confident that clients will comment on how great your new, dynamic walls look. As mentioned before, the natural lighting that they allow to pass through will also add to the beautiful aesthetic they provide.


Glass Office Partitions Installation


If you are thinking of creating a more dynamic office space but are still undecided, our friendly experts can help. We can answer your queries and assist in overcoming any hurdles you think will appear during the process.


Our movable wall experts have been and done it all. There is no task that is too great. We will offer you an honest and personalised service depending on your needs and wants.


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