4 Places To Install A Movable Wall

Sliding walls are a great solution for maximising space, so you don’t need to worry about knocking down or building any extra walls. If you’re wondering just where it’s possible to install a movable wall then take a read of our blog.




Wedding receptions, networking and conference events and milestone birthdays are frequently held at hotels, and they can sometimes get a bit loud. To minimise any disruption to other guests staying at the hotel, we install and maintain acoustic walls to reduce any noise pollution – and also to add to the overall look and feel.


Sliding walls can also be installed in function rooms to close off or open up space. If you needed a bigger room, all you’d need to do is simply slide open the doors and you’ll have a function room double the size in no time!


Schools, colleges and universities


Teachers need not worry about the pressure of finding somewhere suitable to sit exams and assessments – sliding wall systems can prevent distractions in schools, and provide very important quiet space for students who need time to knuckle down and work. That’s why so many schools, colleges and universities choose to invest in them.

Our MG200 sliding folding partition is the perfect solution to combat noise and reduce sound pollution – allowing students to concentrate. That’s why St Mary’s School in Isleworth chose us to install their new movable wall system. Take a look at our case study here!




Are you short for space in your office? Our movable walls not only make your office look more modern, but they’ll add an extra dimension to the office. They’re great for creating adaptable meeting rooms, or a partition between individual departments. You can choose when to open and close up areas and ensure you’re utilising all your floorspace in the most simple and adaptable way. 


Hospitals & doctors surgeries


With such heavy foot traffic every single day from patients and staff, it’s no wonder that sometimes hospitals feel they struggle with noise volumes. In uncertain environments like hospitals, acoustic walls can quickly create some much needed space and privacy. 


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