5 Advantages of Partition Solutions

Dynamic partition walls are a cost effective ergonomic solution to creating new spaces. Constructing walls can be an expensive and messy process; at ModernGlide we provide an affordable, permanent solution that gives you the option to alter the shape of a room with ease. We supply a range of movable partition wall systems from movable acoustic walls to sliding folding wall partitions, glass movable walls to acoustic flush glazed doors. As well as ceiling acoustic panels. There isn’t a partition solution we can’t provide.

The most important thing to do when trying to decide which type of office partitioning is most suitable, is to think about exactly what you are trying to achieve with your current space.

Is it that you want to create a new board room that needs to be soundproof to discuss sensitive information? Or maybe you would like to create a new reception space?


Cost Efficiency 

Whilst working within a budget, it can be hard to implement expensive structural changes to your business. Office wall partitions can provide a far more cost effective method of dividing an office than having full, permanent walls installed. 


Future Expansion

Office partitioning allows room for future refurbishment means that any future expansion of teams and workforce is far easier with temporary screens that can be removed or installed quickly and easily.



One of the biggest advantages of movable wall solutions is that they are much less disruptive than major structural changes, which can also be a huge undertaking. They are easy to manipulate and move creating brand new meeting rooms in seconds.



There are many different types of partitioning available that come in a variety of different materials and finishes including wood, aluminums, plasterboard, composite and glass and in different designs, colours and sizes, improving the office appearance as well as creating segregated areas.



Our partition walls come with first-class acoustic rating as standard. This makes them perfect for any office space that has requirements for confidential meeting rooms, whilst being dynamic and offering a range of options and layouts for a commercial space.


Our movable partition walls are also perfect for the office within a workspace. Giving you the option to open up and making you more accessible as a result. It can also give you a better view of how your office is running. Which makes sure of the smooth operation of your business.


The benefits of having glazed acoustic walls include allowing a superior light flow around the office. As well as cost-effective installation and flexibility in the work environment. Plus, the simple fact that they look elegant and classy. Not only these, but they also offer exceptional sound reduction. This allows for privacy to be had amongst clients or for important internal meetings.


Get in Touch for partition walls or ceiling acoustic panels

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