5 Benefits Of Our MG1000E Fully Electric Movable Walls

Here at ModernGlide, we have a wide range of moveable and mobile walls. Our top of the range model is the MG1000E. As one of the leaders in movable acoustic walls, we are going to break down the top 5 benefits of the fully electric, mobile walls below.


  1. Flexibility In Your Space

Adding movable walls to your space can add an enormous amount of flexibility. Being able to shut off a room into a smaller enclosed space and then open it out to a large open plan room can really change the feel of the space. Whether you are creating an office, meeting room or smaller classroom space, mobile walls allow for really flexible options. This is especially useful in smaller workspaces.


  1. Safety

The MG1000E can quickly and safely be locked and sealed by the flick of a switch to provide maximum security. Here at ModernGlide, we believe that while our products should look sleek and provide a practical solution. The most important thing is that they can be called upon in times of emergency and keep you safe.


  1.  Fully Electric

The MG1000E mobile walls system is fully electric, allowing the user to position the unit automatically. Each panel is driven electrically along the ceiling track and contains a wireless two-way control unit. The master control is then used to identify and communicate with the unit. With a flick of a switch the walls can locate themselves automatically without any manual movement. This saves time and energy and lets the walls do the work. 


  1. Fully Customisable

The user is able to program the walls in various different ways, from the speed of closure to configuration. As well as protecting the system in the event of power interruption. You can also customise the finish from a wide selection and add integral glazing from a range of options.


  1. Our Maintenance and Servicing

We also offer an ongoing maintenance support service to keep your moveable walls in tip-top condition and running smoothly all year round. This comes with a guarantee on all the work we complete. We offer multiple maintenance packages to suit you and your needs.


Contact Us – Specialists In Mobile Walls

ModernGlide are experts in movable acoustic walls and we approach every job with maturity, confidence and the drive to ensure it is perfect for your needs. The team is always on standby to help you with any query you present to them. If you would like more information on how mobile walls can add flexibility to your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 01483 947970 or email us at sales@modernglide.co.uk