5 Benefits Of Our MG900 Sliding Folding Wall Partitions

Our latest venture has brought the MG900 series to many of our customers’ attention. Our new sliding folding wall partitions with bar glazing are certainly eye-catching. But what are the benefits to adding our wall solution to your space or office? Take a look at our glazed partition now to see how it can suit you.



For any size space, the main goal is to make it usable! If there is too much clutter or ineffective use of space, it can greatly impact what you can do within it. We aim to change that with our sliding folding wall partitions. Our MG900 glazed partition can be fitted in any space and it is ceiling hung, so you don’t have to worry about hazards on the floor. Fold them back when needed and space can be used in another way. Make a room that suits your needs. 


Sleek & Modern Look

For any office, you want to impress both clients and board members. Making your space look sleek and modern is a bonus, but can sometimes be hard to achieve. Our sliding partitions achieve this with ease. The elegant metal style can suit any style or room. 


Acoustic Reduction

Want to reduce noise in your office space? Problem solved. Our sliding folding wall partitions have an Acoustic reduction from 34dB. This means the noise is deadened without you even trying. Our systems allow you to hold meetings without being disturbed and keep conversations private when you need to. 


Light Flow 

Offices can sometimes become dark places with few windows and partitions blocking light to your employee’s desks. Our wall systems have changed the way an office can look. With our MG900 series we are adding glazed partitions to your office. This provides superior light flow, without compromising on anything else. Experience a light and airy office, while having less noise and an outstanding appearance that can be fitted into any design. With 35mm thickness glazing, it is secure and offers many design opportunities. 



We know that every office is different. Each office is a different size, shape, and colour scheme. That’s why we made sure our MG900 glazed sliding folding wall partitions can be changed to the colour of your choosing. You can make the aluminium frame suit your office space, whether that be red or even yellow, the option is yours. 


Contact Us – Sliding Folding Wall Partitions

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