5 Reasons Why You May Need Movable Walls

Within a work space sometimes it is necessary to consider acoustic solutions to help combat noise. Or simply to help transform spaces so that they become more functional. That is where movable walls come in. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 reasons why you may need a movable wall. Take a read and see if any of these apply to your work environment…


Why Choose Movable Walls?


1. Acoustics

A busy, vibrant office can be brilliant, it is great for clients to see and can, in fact, make it more productive.

Yet, noise however isn’t always practical. Most of us would agree that sometimes we just need peace and quiet to get our work done. This is where movable walls can be so useful. They help to divide up areas, so that you can have full control over the level of sound. This way if you need to work in peace, or have a meeting without the background hubbub, you have that option available! 


2. Versatility of movable walls

The layout you choose for movable walls is not limited, and therefore provides you with the freedom to be creative with your design – and alter with ease when necessary! Depending on your needs for the function of a space at the time, it offers you both temporary and permanent solutions, personalised to your specific needs. 


3. Space  

Movable walls are an essential element for any office, as they allow you to transform any space and allow them to be multifunctional. With a movable wall you are able to easily maximise space or on the other hand create smaller closed off areas. This is ideal for when you need an area for a partuse, such as private meeting or for group work, to avoid others being disturbed from their own work. 


4. Design 

Modern offices and work spaces have the luxury of a wide variety of options when it comes to design. So you can choose what best suits you and your office’s needs. For instance if your work space was in need of more privacy, rather than hiring a contractor, which may be out of your budget, there are a variety of options including movable walls, partitions or even just a well placed shelving unit. These sectioned off spaces can then be better utilised, so that each area can be fit for a specific purpose.


5. Simplicity

Movable walls are the fastest and easiest option to create sections within your office or work space. The installation is straightforward and fuss free, as the modules or panels are simply attached to the ceiling, so as easy as they are added , they can be removed. So you can enjoy the flexibility of a work space that can change with you and your requirements. 


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