5 Ways To Style your MG100 Movable Acoustic Walls

Moveable acoustic walls are great for offices that are  looking to have some versatility with their space. Here are 2 ways you can style them:

Movable acoustic walls for offices

Open plan office

Having an open plan office is a lovely way to facilitate openness, communication and collaboration between employees. But in order to make the most of your space, why not install moveable acoustic walls? This means that you can keep your open plan so your employees can work together, but you can also move the walls to create separate rooms when needed.


Conference room

Your conference room may be a room that you don’t use very often. But you don’t want this space to go to waste. By installing our moveable walls into your conference room, you can have the best of both worlds by having a large open space when you need it, or two smaller rooms when you have a meeting.


Movable acoustic walls for schools, colleges or universities

Moveable acoustic walls create flexible learning spaces in schools, colleges and universities; and there’s more than one way to use them. Below are 3 ways to style your MG100 walls:


Studio hall

For drama, dance or indoor P.E lessons, having movable acoustic walls will be a huge help. So if you have multiple PE lessons occurring at once, or separate group projects, you can create 2 rooms instantly. But for exams, open days or assemblies when you may require a large open space, you can quickly transform your hall into one large room.


Conference rooms

Teachers and staff members need to have meetings too. But in a school with limited space and full classrooms, there may not be room to accommodate this, and you could end up cramped inside a tiny office. Luckily, movable acoustic walls can provide a solution to this. By turning one room into two or more, you can have a staff meeting and a lesson occur simultaneously, but everyone will be none the wiser. 



We know many schools love having movable acoustic walls installed to meet their changing needs at any given time. You can turn one classroom into two, or vice versa, in a matter of seconds. So if you have two separate classes at the same time, you can turn the room into two smaller rooms. But if you want more space you can turn them into one big room.

For exams or smaller class sizes, you can create separate rooms. Our walls have acoustic reduction from 37dB to 58dB, so if one class is being a bit loud or watching a video on the projector, it won’t disrupt the class next door.


Contact us for movable acoustic walls

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