Acoustic absorption panels: How Do They Work

Employers looking to reduce noise usually turn to movable walls or sliding folding partitions. These walls act as excellent soundproofing strategies to create a quieter environment or workspace, however come at a large cost. Acoustic panels on the other hand are a cheaper alternative that can reduce noise pollution and are more accessible to most people’s budgets. 


ModernGlide are specialist within the acoustic world, supplying, manufacturing and installing movable wall and acoustic panels with over 40 years of experience. We approach every single project with maturity, confidence and the drive to ensure your acoustic project is perfectly suited to your needs and requirements. Why not read our article; Office design tricks to increase productivity?


What Are Acoustic Panel Best Suited For?


If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to reducing sounds and noise, acoustic panels may be your best bet. Soundproof panels work well within reducing mid to high-level frequency sound waves due to their moderate mass. They do not block noise entirely due to their weaker capabilities within insulating low-frequency sound waves that have longer wavelengths. Upon choosing an acoustic product, you should evaluate what sort of noises you want to be reduced or eliminated, acoustic panels are primarily suited for acoustic sounds and not intense noise reduction. 


How Do Acoustic Panels Work To Reduce Sound?


Acoustic panels work by dampening and deadening soundwaves, helping to eliminate any back noise and echoes by their ability to control reverberation. Reverberations are the soundwaves that bounce off walls or structures. The acoustic panels should be purchased based upon what sort of noise or external noise you want to reduce, if you want to eliminate the sounds of people talking near your office or workspace a standard panel should work fine. In most cases however, louder sounds such as cars or trucks moving would require a more heavy-duty panel.


Types Of Acoustic Absorption Panels Here At ModernGlide


PanelHush Sonar Acoustic Wall Panels – Designed and tested to reduce the room echo and reverberations, perfectly suited to significantly reduce background noise in your workplace environment.


PanelHush Sky Acoustic Ceiling Rafts – PanelHush Sky are ceiling hung panels that are designed and tested to make sure room echoes and reverberations are eliminated. 


PanelHush Slide PET Acoustic Sliding Panels – Enjoy the benefits of a flexible two-in-one system that reduces sounds and acts as a room divider. Designed to reduce noise pollution and reverberations from everyday background noise. 


PanelHush Baffles – Our PanelHush Baffles are the perfect choice for decreasing background noise. Allowing clear communication, less noise pollution and improved concentration.


PanelHush Slotted Acoustic Veneer Wall Panels – These panels, whilst looking great, also control the amount of noise and reverberations, regardless of the environment. Suitable for wall and ceiling mounting, these panels do it all. 


PanelHush Capture – Understandably, not everyone wants a single coloured acoustic panel in their office space, These panels can be customised using photos or art whilst still owning class A sound absorption.


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