Acoustic Glass Doors – MG500

Having an inviting workspace is an essential part of any office-based business, to keep their staff and employees productive and motivated. This is more relevant within job roles that involve being sat in the same place for hours at a time. The workplace also needs to be presentable to any clients, customers or guests visiting. Trying to balance this can be difficult, you may wish for your space to be split into private working sections. Our MG500 acoustic walls can help by providing privacy and productivity due to their acoustic reduction technology, which helps to absorb and dampen any external sounds.

What is the MG500?

The MG500 is a hinged sliding/folding glazed wall partition that is part of our MG series. The MG500 is desirable for office spaces with no structural support, which allows the partitions to be installed anywhere. The slim back painted borders provide superior light flow and elegance, whilst providing excellent sound reduction. The hinges used are hidden creating a smooth wall finish, free of interference. The MG500 is the ultimate partition, perfect for areas with minimal space to work with.  

What Other Benefits Does The MG500 Have?

An office can become extremely noisy and distracting with discussions and meetings occurring throughout the day. The MG500 can reduce sounds up to 46dB, perfect for hosting important meetings or getting on with work, free from distraction. The frames can be powder coated to match any RAL colour, perfect for business owners looking to abide by their brand colours. There is no need to worry about how thick the panels are either, due to their slimline profiles.

DHL Langley MG500 Partition

The MG500 Partition we installed for DHL Langley is a great example of the MG500 in action. This partition was power coated in white instead of the standard black to meet the client’s needs. The flexibility the MG500 provides allows the acoustic walls to fold in when not in use, only taking a few seconds to pull out and extend again. Overall these versatile, easy to install partitions are great for improving productivity and focus within the workplace.

ModernGlide – Acoustic Walls

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