Acoustic Solutions For Schools – What Are The Options?

Acoustic solutions for schools are a great way to counter external noises and distractions, whilst also improving the student’s focus and attention. Whether you are looking to add acoustic panels or acoustic walls, our expert team at ModernGlide have over 40 years of experience designing and installing acoustic solutions. 

Related Issues With Background Noise & Reverberations 

Poor acoustics within the classroom reduces student attention span as well as classroom discipline. Older schools may have poor acoustics, unsuitable for effective modern teaching. Inadequate soundproofing can allow external noises to enter and occupy the attention of the room. With acoustic walls and effective solutions in place, you can achieve a greater quality of learning, increase memory retention, lower stress, and reduce vocal issues for teachers. 

Acoustic Walls – MG Series

Acoustic walls provide the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to change the space however you would like. Perfect for sub-sectioning a room into multiple areas, ideal in classrooms. Customisation and styling can also be tailored to suit your exact needs, perfect for adhering to the school colours.

MG100 – Movable walls have the highest acoustic rating whilst also maintaining a fixed wall position and appearance. The MG100 is the perfect acoustic wall if you are looking for a flexible solution that can multi-stack with a fixed wall appearance. These made-to-measure panels operate through an internal retractable mechanism that moves quickly and quietly along the head track. With an acoustic rating of 37 – 58dB, these walls are the perfect option for those looking to eliminate external noises and factors out of your control.

Acoustic Panels – PanelHush

Our wide range of PanelHush Acoustic panels are designed and tested to reduce the room’s echo and reverberation. The panels are able to significantly cut down and reduce background noise in the education environment. 

PanelHush Sonar – The 40mm PanelHush Sonar panels have a class A sound absorption value offering excellent sound reduction, taking the edge off loud environments. Allowing you to maintain the student’s attention throughout the lesson. Not only do acoustic absorption panels benefit the students’ learning, but lecturers also won’t have to raise their voices to capture the attention of the class. It truly allows for the best possible learning environment.

ModernGlide – Acoustic Experts 

If you are looking for a solution to help improve student focus and learning, acoustic walls and acoustic panels may be the perfect option for you. Our made-to-measure walls and panels can be designed and customised to your needs. Get in touch with us on 01932 918338 or get in touch with our experts here to find out more. We’d be happy to help!