How Acoustic Walls Can Improve Any Space

Working or trying to relax in a space where noise is, can be very distracting and difficult to concentrate. It is essential your workplace is free from noise so you can truly focus on the task at hand. Every environment is different and will present varying levels of acoustical challenges. Read on to find out how you can implement movable acoustic walls into your office or home, to transform a noisy environment into a silent one.


How Do Acoustic Panels Work

Noise pollution is a rising concern with proven negatives impacting office productivity, especially in urban areas. Acoustic wall panels can be custom installed depending on the depth, sound quality and design of your choice. These wall panels prevent distracting background noise through effective noise reduction. These wall panels work by curbing the noise level by cancelling reverberations and echoes from other parts of the building.


Benefits Of Acoustic Wall Panels 

Improved Atmosphere For Communication – Speaking during an important meeting can be tough if there’s a lot of background and external noise, making sure everyone hears and understands your voice. Acoustic walls provide the perfect environment for talking without distraction, providing a quiet focused environment for your conversations or meetings. 

Reduced Stress Level – Through sound absorbing acoustic wall panels stress and distraction can be eliminated, this means there aren’t any external or internal sounds entering your space. Reduced stress levels enhance overall wellbeing, allowing you and your employees or family members to focus or relax in a serene environment. 

Increased Productivity – Serene environments lead to productivity, sound levels are a huge contributor to the productivity of schools, offices or homes. Our vast range of acoustic wall panels and noise reduction technology is known to provide an enhanced work rate. With highly efficient noise reduction and custom design, your office or home could benefit tremendously from our range here at ModernGlide.


Acoustic Panels For Large Spaces

Within the 21st century, office designs have changed, larger open spaces are more desired among companies so that employees can communicate and work productively. Offices are not the only large open areas, bars and restaurants also benefit from larger areas. When deciding the most appropriate approach and solution to dampen the noise levels, ceilings are a good place to start. Ceilings on average usually have the largest surface area within the room; sounds are reflected off and back down. By applying acoustic panels or foam to the ceiling space you will be minimising this reflected sound and other reverberations.


Acoustic Wall Panels For Large Spaces

Adding acoustic walls into a room not only reduces noise and reverberation levels but also adds space. Our acoustic walls are designed and fitted to your specification so an entirely new room is formed. The doors can easily slide to open the room again but create the perfect opportunity for a new meeting room or office to be added. Here at Modernglide we can custom design and produce acoustic wall panels to perfectly suit your space’s branding and colours.


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