The Benefits of Glass Movable Walls

Movable walls have the ability to expand living or workspace. Appearance matters too. And the ways home and business owners stylise their properties make a big difference to the way other people perceive their lifestyles or their companies. While solid partitions play an important role on separating and opening up room space, or cutting down on the transfer of sound between one room and another, glass movable walls deliver further benefits.

Solid partitions and bi-folding doors offer privacy and practicality. But these glass walls act as a clear divider to provide full visibility of the outside world. And they don’t compromise the natural flow of light or any expected sound reduction performance.

What are Glass movable Walls?

In a residential environment, glass walls provide homeowners with effective division of space. Either inside an individual room or from the outside word. For those who live close to nature, and who have homes looking out onto beautiful scenery, movable walls made from glass provide clear views of the surrounding landscape even when closed.

Just as importantly, these walls act as an extension between living space and the world outside when opened. So light, fresh air and extra space stays readily available.

In the workplace, movable walls help to create separate working areas. With full visibility of everything that’s happening inside a business. When a company needs additional space for meetings, conferences or other business activities, glass walls open up to accommodate the vital day-to-day operations that keep everything working seamlessly.

What are the benefits?

  • Design – In terms of design, our walls create the perfect first impression on family, friends or visitors to a business. What makes them so popular is their perfect aesthetics. Movable walls integrate perfectly into modern design themes for those who value a clean, bright and contemporary appearance.
  • Light – The natural flow of light dispersed through traditional windows into room space separated by glass movable walls creates the impression of space. In turn, those using separated rooms benefit from sunlight, which enhances concentration and activity; something rarely associated with rooms that have artificial lighting.
  • Cost and Flexibility – movable walls, thanks to the benefit of added light, reduce the need for artificial lighting and subsequently lower utility costs. In most cases, installations require no structural modification to the property. And our walls assemble (and disassemble) easily in the event of expansion or relocation.
  • Openness – Glass movable walls in an office environment portray an almost unspoken message about honesty, transparency and great communication. It isn’t so much about people having nowhere to hide. Movable walls develop a deeper sense of openness, and this often results in improved trust and better productivity.
  • Sound Reduction – The reduction in sound from surrounding rooms or offices is, perhaps, the biggest benefit associated with these walls. With sound reduction performance up to 58dB, these walls can eliminate anything from normal conversation to shouting. And promote harmonious living or working spaces.