St Katharine Dock – PanelHush Sky Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Completed project at St Katharine Dock with the installation of 300 PanelHush Sky Acoustic Ceiling Panels in 30 different room locations.


Project design for the client was too create open and flexible working spaces, but this can bring an issue with the unwanted room echo and reverberation.


The introduction of our 40mm PanelHush Acoustic Ceiling Rafts help to suck in this noise and helps to facilitate a great working environment.


PanelHush Sky ceiling hung panels have been designed and tested to reduce the room echo and reverberation allowing for a quieter working space. We ensure that the testing process is rigorous meaning that only the best products are available for you.


The ceiling acoustic panels are the perfect alternative if your wall space is tight and/or restricting. Having your sound absorption panels hanging from the ceiling as opposed to your walls offers a noise reducing solution that is just as effective and extremely practical.


Installation is quick, easy and safe with the use of our 2mm cable and eyelet hook system.


Each panel is manufactured using recycled glasswool which provides a fire rated as Class 0 to BS476: Part 6 fire rating ensuring that above all else, your staff, customers or guests will be safe in the event of an emergency.