Penparcau Community Centre

Another happy client with the installation of our PanelHush Sky Acoustic Ceiling Panels.


Our ceiling acoustic panels are designed and tested to reduce the room echo and reverberation. These sound absorption panels and acoustic boards are able to significantly cut down on the background noise in your environment. Whether that is in the office, in a community centre or even the bowling alley!


With the unwanted noise reduced in this community centre the installation of our acoustic ceiling panels have reduced the room echo/reverberation.


Sound Absorption acoustic wall and ceiling panels are added inside the room as they are designed to absorb the sound waves. This therefore reduces the reflections and the reverberation and echo.


The big question is, how many wall panels or ceiling rafts they should use. There is no hard and fast science in terms of how many panels you need or what size etc. It’s a case where the more of the surfaces that are covered, the less echo you will get. However, as a general rule of thumb, look to cover around 30% of  the wall / ceiling area. This ensures you’re achieving a  high level of sound absorption.


Each 40mm acoustic wall panel has a sound absorption performance of Class A whilst the 25mm thick panels come with a Class C performance. Both variants offer excellent sound reduction and take the edge off what is usually a loud and busy environment.


The PanelHush Sonar Panels come in 80 different fabric colours to choose from helping with potential design and decor issues. Additionally, if you would like to use them for branding, then having the panels installed in your brand colours shouldn’t be an issue.


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