Amundi – Semi Electric Movable Wall

Installation of 3 number MG100 Semi Electric Movable Acoustic Walls for a large company in London.


This design has allowed our client to have 4 separate rooms or 1 larger flexible working space. With a flick of a switch there is no need to manually lock each panel off  with the automatic top and bottom seals locking off the system.


One of the closed spaces did not have an internal access door so we included an inset door panel within one of the standard panels to allow for access in-between the rooms once the panels are in their closed position.


Our client wanted as much clear workable room space as possible and using the double point stacking tracks the panels foldaway into a recessed pocket.


Grey laminate panel finish chose to give a clean design and match other furniture within the room.


An element of flexibility is suddenly added to your space. And the environment can quickly be manipulated to cater for any of your flexible space needs, whether that be for meetings or a little bit of privacy.


At ModernGlide, we have sourced an excellent range of panel finishes, ranging from our standard melamine to veneers to personalised digital images, to give you complete design flexibility.