CIS Building

Project title: New CIS Building Northumbria University

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

Main Contractor: Esh Construction

Value: £28,000.00

System: MG100


Project description:

This contract was very complex in that we had to supply and install our MG100
system on two separate lines of track to form one large area in the University.
The main issue was to form an angle on one of the openings of 150 degrees,
this was achieved using an angled panel, the second opening had a circular
column and we had our panels run into this.

The acoustic value required for the partitions was Rw53 dB and this was not
an issue and the acoustic performance on site was very impressive and meant
the end user was able to carry out important lectures without any issues or
interruptions to the adjoining rooms.

The stacking was challenging as the requirement was for single and twin point
panels meeting on an angle, we used our twin point track to achieve this
design and the angle of the track was pre welded in our factory to guarantee
the angle was correct.

The panel finish was magnetic dry wipe marker board; the client was very
impressed with this finish as they could use the movable walls for various
displays and as a teaching aid.



The project was a complete success and completed within programme and
snag free. There were many design issues to overcome which we achieved
and we are very proud of the end result as is the client and main contractor.