PAH Williams Day Unit

Great use of the ModernGlide MG700 sliding glass panel system to create a flexible corner office space.


Each glass panel has a top and bottom rail that comes as standard in SAA but can be powder coated to match any interior design.


The MG700 is a top hung so no need for any floor tracks so when the glass panels are stack back to make the open space the finish floor is one continued space.


The MG700 Glass Sliding Panels provide you with both space and privacy whilst still giving a sense of an open and light area. Easily maneuverable, a gorgeous aesthetic and a clean finish provides a modern dynamic to your office or workspace.


Each panel is attached to a top and bottom rails allowing for secure and safe movement. Each panel is single glazed resulting in minimal stacking space being used when the panels are not in use.


As mentioned, the rails are located at both the top and bottom allowing for easy movement and a durable product. This is certainly one element that will add the wow factor to your new glass panels.