Media City

Project title: Media City

Location: Manchester

Value: £39,000.00

Client: TSK

System: MG600 & PanelHush Slide


Project description:

We engaged very early on with this project with the client’s design team to come
up with a system that had a combination of solid and glazed panels. We utilised
the flexibility of the MG100 & MG600 systems for an amazing result that also
integrated angled panels, and with the combination of both systems the acoustic
rating was maintained at a high level.


The PanelHush Slide system was incorporated into two areas; each panel has
its own line of track to give flexible parking. The aluminium top and bottom rails
clamp the acoustic board and is totally top hung with no need for any floor track;
the client was thrilled with the flexibility and acoustic performance they provide.



The MG100/MG600 systems formed one large meeting room, and with the
inclusion of extra solid and glazed panels they are able to subdivide this into two smaller areas.
The panels when open are parked in a specially designed storage area.