Operable Walls With Black Ash Veneer

Project title: London Bank


Value: £23,000.00


System: MG100 Double Point Operable Walls


In this project, we used a complex design layout to create 3 flexible working rooms to enable 1 large open space. Quite often, our clients come to us needing a flexible workspace. We have designed our MG100 movable walls system to solve this exact issue. It has 2 inset door panels for room access and a junction panel for the other 2 movable walls to join against, making it the perfect solution.


Our client chose a black ash veneer finish which was book matched and sequenced with the other doors within the area to give the final finishing design touches.


With the flexibility of the MG100 operable walls system we were able to incorporate glazed vision panels within the chosen panels. This allows much needed light and design to the individual spaces when the panels are in their closed position.


Whether you’re interested in operable walls for a commercial or domestic project,  there are many benefits that come with having these walls in your environment. So take a look at our key facts and specifications above for more.


With MG100 walls an element of flexibility is suddenly added to your space. And therefore the environment can quickly be manipulated to cater for any of your flexible space needs. Whether that be for meetings or a little bit of privacy.


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