PanelHush Acoustic Capture Wall Panels

Project title: Lincolnshire Police Museum

Location: Lincolnshire

Value: £3,800.00

System: PanelHush Capture


Supply and installation of 20 PanelHush Capture acoustic wall art panels to the Lincolnshire Police Museum as brightened up the room space but also reduced the room acoustics.


As stunning as our other acoustic panel products look, some aren’t keen on the idea of panels of a single colour. We worked our way around this and have created acoustic wall art. They work in the exact same manner as the rest of our acoustic products, however they display a beautiful picture and double up as interior decor.


Each acoustic art panel had a different photos applied to the face of them, personalising their space with their design. It truly means these acoustic wall art panels were bespoke to them.


Each panel was 40mm thick to achieve a Class A sound absorption.


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