Plural Strategies

Project title: Plural Strategies

Location: London

Value: £7,500.00

Client: Area

System: PanelHush Slide


Project Description:


We engaged very early on with the client’s design team to come up with a flexible meeting space using our PanelHush PolyHush PET panel system. By utilising these panels, it allowed the working space to absorb the unwanted room echo.


The configuration of the PanelHush slide panels is complex as the area formed is not square and required our twin point head track to have three specific angles that the PolyHush panels move effortlessly around.


There are seven PanelHush slide panels that form the meeting area, they were supplied in three contrasting colours with a specific laser cut design that is very aesthetically pleasing. We also installed a single straight sliding PanelHush slide acoustic panel that is adjacent to the meeting room that closes off the kitchen area and supplied in the same design.


The head track for the PanelHush PET panels was adapted as it is surface mounted under the ceiling, it is powder coated white to match the ceiling. Each acoustic panel has a clamped rail top and bottom that has an SAA finish. The PanelHushslide system was ideal for this configuration as it is totally top hung and does not require a floor track.




On completion of the installation we gave a full demonstration to the end user who was amazed at how easy the panels move into position, they were also very complimentary with the appearance of the system and the flexibility this will provide.