Create flexible working environments with sliding walls

The implementation of mobile elements in the office creates the perfect environment for agile working. Given the flexibility of the layout, why not let the movable wall serve another purpose: could it be a whiteboard for brainstorming sessions to unfold in a flash? Absolutely. Can it have corporate branding? nature. How about introducing biophilia in the form of a moss wall that increases oxygen levels no matter which direction it faces? How about a veneer finish to match your work surfaces. Everything is possible with the vast range of panel finishes to our movable acoustic walls.

Customizable workstations. Flexible workspaces often include non-traditional types of workspace. Standing desks in common areas encourage the idea of ​​moving around and using the space in different ways. In casual corners of the office, such as coffee bars and reception areas, comfortable chairs and natural light create flexible and welcoming spaces where people like to linger.

According to workplace ergonomics firm Humantech, Inc., flexible office environments should also offer the opportunity to create personal offices, with partitions that can be easily removed and soundproof spaces for individual work. These high-productivity areas can then be balanced with communal areas such as kitchens and breakout areas, allowing employees to choose whether to work collaboratively or quietly contemplate.

Flexible workspaces can be easily rearranged to accommodate changing business objectives, or quickly scaled up and down to fit teams of different sizes. These kinds of dynamic office spaces are typically designed to be used in conjunction with flexible working arrangements to provide teams with the freedom to work where, when and how they want.

Glass partitions are quickly becoming a popular option for those looking to create flexible workspaces within their office. Not only do they add an aesthetically pleasing look, but they also provide privacy and sound insulation, you can easily find the perfect flexible glass partition system to fit your needs. Our selection of sliding glass partition systems come in several different varieties, including Pivot glass panels, sliding glass doors, hinged glazed bi-folding partitions so that you can easily configure the workspace to fit your needs.

Our commercial-grade tempered glass provides superior strength and durability, making it perfect for busy offices with high traffic areas. Additionally, our custom options allow for complete flexibility – you can choose from dozens of finishes, textures, and colours to perfectly match any office décor.