Changing Your Office Landscape On A Budget

Are you planning on rearranging your office? Perhaps the office or workplace is situated near a lot of noise pollution from traffic or train tracks? Concentration rates improve drastically when there is a silent or controlled acoustic environment. Even if you have to work near a lot of noise or distraction, certain acoustic partitions and panels can eliminate the noise with ease. Our extensive range of acoustic products will be sure to facilitate your needs, take a look at our products here, or get in touch with our experts here to get a free quote!

MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall

Movable acoustic walls are the perfect addition to noisy environments. Being able to implement a wall that reduces noise pollution and reverberation will get your employees productivity up instantaneously. The MG100 has one of the highest acoustic ratings, multi-stacking options, individual panels and a fixed wall appearance. These made to measure panels work through an internal, retractable mechanism that moves silently and swiftly along the head track.

MG200 Sliding Folding Partition

Ideally suited for smaller spaces or openings the MG200 is the perfect option for companies looking for a quieter workspace. The versatility of this sliding folding partition allows for slimline stacking. This means that when the wall is no longer in use, you can fold it into a corner taking up minimal space. The MG200 also comes with a door panel that allows for easy movement, gliding from left to right. This quick and easy to use and set up partition is perfect for those on a budget.

MG700 Glass Sliding Panels

The MG700 is the perfect option for companies looking for more space and privacy whilst offering more natural light. Easily manoeuvrable, these elegant panels are attached by the top and bottom rails which allow for a secure and safe movement. Each panel is single glazed which also results in minimal stacking when not in use. Customisation for the panels includes either satin-anodized aluminium or powder-coated colours, tailored to your needs.

MG1000E Electric Movable Walls

If you are looking for a fully electric movable wall system, the MG1000E is the perfect option for you. Allowing the user to program closing speed and configuration, as well as protection to the system in the event of a power cut, these walls come equipped with a spare battery pack for any unwanted power issues and interruptions. These top hung movable walls have no floor tracks allowing them to glide effortlessly. 

Acoustic Absorption Panels – PanelHush Sonar

Originally designed and tested to reduce echoing and reverberations, these sound absorption panels are perfect for those who are trying to cut down background noise. Each 40mm panel has a performance categorized as class A, the 25mm panels have a performance of class C. These panels offer easy installation and instant results.

Acoustic Baffles – PanelHush

Acoustic baffles reduce background noise, quickly causing any sound waves to dissipate. This allows clearer communication, reduced noise pollution and a pleasant aesthetic appearance. Ideal for limited wall spaces. You will notice the difference immediately!

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