Considerations To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Movable Wall System For Your Business

Finding new space within your office is not going to be easy for most business owners. Perhaps you’re expanding or planning to implement a new room, but don’t want all the construction work to take place. Movable partitions walls have a number of advantages over physical walls. But how do you choose the right system for your needs?


What Is The Main Aim

The best place to start is often to create a summary of the pros and cons of your space now. What are the issues and how could they be solved through a movable wall system? Common issues business owners face include a lack of privacy or constant noise, internally and externally. Movable walls can solve both of these common issues at the same time. Highlighting the current issues that you are facing at work will help you locate a system perfectly suited for your needs. 


How Do Movable Wall Partitions Benefit The Workplace?

Regardless of the system that you choose, movable walls provide businesses with flexibility and versatility when needed. Instead of constructing a physical room that’s used for meetings or other purposes, movable wall systems can be arranged to create a private enclosed space temporarily. Allowing you to maximise your office space. 


Our MG series here at ModernGlide are also acoustically rated to withstand external noises and reverberations. An example of partition walls that excel in commercial environments includes the MG200; this system requires no structural head support, perfect for smaller openings. This movable wall system features slimline stacking, taking up minimal space when it’s out of use. The sliding panels effortlessly glide horizontally for a quick and easy set-up process whilst they also provide adequate soundproofing. 


Visual Aesthetics

We understand that our customers want to appreciate the look and feel of their movable wall system. That’s why we design, build and supply over 9 different systems. For those looking to maintain superior light flow and elegance, our MG500 may be perfect for you. These flush glazed sliding folding partitions require no structural head support so you can install them anywhere! The MG500 also offers superior noise reduction and control with up to 46dB of acoustic reduction. We also provide electric movable walls, the MG1000E that can be controlled from the palm of your hand. Each panel is driven electronically along a track that contains wireless two-way control, to open and close the walls as and when needed. With up to 55dB of acoustic reduction, there are not many sounds that can travel through, allowing you to work without distraction. 


ModernGlide – Movable Partitions Walls

Movable wall systems allow businesses to create the flexibility and versatility they need without the need for construction work. Movable partitions walls can also dramatically boost employee wellbeing and productivity due to their acoustic reduction qualities. If you would like to find out more about how a movable wall system could benefit you get in touch with our experts here or on 01483 947970.