Control The Acoustics In Your University

Being able to hear and understand what a lecturer is saying is vital to a student’s academic progress. A noisy room not only makes it harder to hear, but it also makes it much easier to get distracted. However, noise in the classroom can be more than students talking. Background noise such as cars or vehicles passing by, construction work and other external factors all contribute to noise pollution. 

Our range of mobile walls, sliding folding partitions and acoustic panels may allow your students to become more engaged, take a look at our products here.

Background Noise and Reverberation

The two primary factors that contribute to poor acoustics are background noise and reverberation. Reverberation describes how sounds travel through an environment. Sound waves can bounce off desks, walls and ceilings… and if certain sounds do this, it can become very loud and hard to hear very quickly. Background noise such as other classrooms or maintenance workers mowing the grass or operating vehicles can easily reduce concentration and productivity.

Mobile Walls

Mobile walls allow for a great amount of flexibility to change a space however you would like. They also allow you to divide the space into separate areas, for example a study room. You can also customise the styling of the mobile wall to match your University, but that’s where the flexibility of mobile walls comes into play. 

Acoustic Panels

Implementing acoustic panels into the learning environment can drastically change the reverberation and acoustic levels. Having the ability to instantly change the layout and sound level of your space with acoustic absorption panels allows sounds to be significantly reduced. Not only do acoustic absorption panels benefit the students’ learning, but lecturers also won’t have to raise their voices to capture the attention of the class. It truly allows for the best possible learning environment.

Benefits Of Controlled Acoustics

Improved Atmosphere For Communication – Speaking during an important meeting can be tough if there’s a lot of background and external noise, whilst also making sure everyone hears and understands your voice. Acoustic walls provide the perfect environment for talking without distraction, providing a quiet focused environment for your conversations or meetings. 

Reduced Stress Level – Through sound absorbing acoustic wall panels stress and distraction can be eliminated. This means there aren’t any external or internal sounds entering your space. Reduced stress levels enhance overall wellbeing, allowing your staff and your students to focus or relax in a peaceful environment. 

Increased Productivity – Quiet environments lead to productivity, as sound levels are a huge contributor to the productivity of schools and offices. Our vast range of acoustic wall panels and noise reduction technology is known to contribute to an enhanced work rate. With highly efficient noise reduction and custom design, your University could benefit tremendously from our range here at ModernGlide.

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