Covid-19: How Movable Wall Partitions Can Create Safe Spaces Within Venues

Where To Start?

With times as they are, uncertainty has become the norm. Constantly changing regulations on how to keep your staff and customers safe, can feel like a minefield. With the expectation of constant cleaning to prevent the spread of Covid -19, this is an insurmountable task. How can you protect everyone with circulated air and furnishings that can’t always be wiped clean? ModernGlide can make it simple for you. Three words – movable wall partitions. Our products can help keep your venues safe by separating areas to limit the amount of people you are in contact with. 

Keep Your Team And Customers Safe

Any employer’s main task is to protect their team and potential customers. With movable wall partitions this task takes half the time. With some of our products being glass, it takes no effort at all to wipe them clean and clear away any potential virus. And even when the world returns to normality our products can be used for a different purpose, whether it be a private party area, or a meeting room. They can be pushed to the wall when not being used, all while being manoeuvrable. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to move our partitions, we made sure of this to make your life easier. This makes sure that, even in Covid times, your staff can remain safe while they create a safe place for others by manoeuvring the partitions to the desired layout. 

Our Experience

ModernGlide is an industry veteran and has worked on projects of all shapes and sizes. We have helped several high profile clients such as Twickenham Rugby Stadium and Wentworth Golf Club to achieve their interior dreams for their venue. As experienced workers in this particular field of work, we know how to create the desired effect without the stress. We can make sure that your venue is safe in a matter of days; we understand your priorities lie with your team and customers’ safety and we look forward to aiding you in this. 

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