Covid-19: How Movable Walls Can Create Safe Office Spaces At Affordable Prices

In the current situation, everyday life has become somewhat different to the norm we are used to. If you’re an employer you may have an overwhelming list of concerns circling your mind right now. How do you keep your staff safe? What happens if someone catches COVID? You need procedures and more importantly, you need a plan. But how are you going to keep the 2m distance at all times? It’s more simple than you’d think. We have a range of products like acoustic ceiling panels, sliding doors and moveable walls that are the perfect solution. 


Separate office spaces


In today’s climate, the easiest way to stay safe is to be in separate rooms, but in a large office, this just isn’t possible. Most office spaces are communal, there are generally at least a few people all in the same room working together. This doesn’t make it easy to adhere to new government regulations; the wearing of masks can reduce the risk of infection, but we have a different way. Split up an office with our moveable sliding doors. These are specially designed to be easy to move and fit into any space, our products can allow your office to become a safe environment for everyone. 


Keep communication key


Our options for movable sliding doors are varied, but in this instance, we recommend our glazed products such as; the MG500, and MG600.  This is due to the fact that you are still able to hold a conference with your team whilst remaining socially distanced. All you need is a phone and a flip chart or PowerPoint. This method can allow a more seamless work system, meaning masks only need to be worn when exiting your designated area. 


Easily maintainable


How do you keep your office clean of germs? Our sliding doors are easy to clean and maintain Just use a wipe or cloth and some disinfectant. Your office can be germ-free in minutes. This allows for a quick and easy deep cleaning, whenever you want. Our products provide a simple, low-cost solution to keeping your staff safe, you’d be mad to not choose this fantastic office spacing solution. 


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