Covid-19: How Movable Walls Can Create Safe Spaces Within Schools & Office’s

Social distancing isn’t easy at the best of times, but with children… it’s even harder. There’s no easy way to explain to them that they can’t hug their friends or play the same way they used to. This creates a nightmare in terms of schools, how do you solve this dilemma? With movable walls. 

How does this fix the problem?

Movable walls are a great way to separate classrooms or offices to limit contact with others. You can have almost mini classrooms or teams so that you’re in contact with as few people as possible. Our products can drastically reduce the risks of coronavirus to make it safer for your pupils and employees. There are never any guarantees within these circumstances, but we’re here to help make it as safe for everyone as possible. 


Movable walls: why are they so great?

Walls like these aren’t like any other. How so? They don’t just move, they are sound absorbing, and can be moved by anyone, even your pupils. They are the easiest way to split an office or classroom without having the expense of building a full wall. You can put them into any configuration, to create as many or as few rooms as you need. And when you don’t need them anymore, they can be pushed to the side out of the way- what more could you want?


The best solution 

There are many ways to solve the problem of social distancing in the workplace or in schools. But none that are so simple and easy to use. Why make it complicated when you don’t have to. In the current climate we all need to be sensible and make decisions that keep us and everyone else safe. Movable walls mean that you don’t have to think of a solution anymore, they are the best way to protect everyone while not breaking the bank. 


Contact us for movable walls

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