Exciting Workspace Transformation Project Alert!

We’re thrilled to showcase our latest project that beautifully combines functionality and aesthetics using the cutting-edge ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall!

Project Goal: Enhance meeting efficiency and optimize room acoustics in a dynamic workspace environment.

The Challenge: Tired of dealing with distracting echoes during meetings? We were on a mission to address reverberation issues in our client’s space while maintaining a sleek and modern design.

Our Solution: Introducing the ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall! On one side, we’ve installed a carefully stretched fabric panel that not only

But that’s not all! The other side of the panel features a functional whiteboard finish, turning every meeting into a brainstorming opportunity. Whether it’s jotting down ideas, mind mapping, or collaborating spontaneously, this wipeable surface encourages creativity and flexibility. adds a touch of elegance but also significantly reduces reverberation, ensuring crystal-clear audio during discussions and presentations

And guess what? We’ve taken flexibility to the next level by incorporating an inset passdoor seamlessly integrated into the design. Now, moving between spaces is a breeze, making the area even more versatile and accommodating for various setups.

The Result: A seamless blend of acoustic innovation and practicality, creating an environment where ideas flow freely, communication is clear, and productivity knows no bounds. Our client couldn’t be happier with their transformed workspace!

Swipe through the images to witness the transformation yourself. We’re proud to have turned our client’s vision into a reality, thanks to the ModernGlide MG100 Movable Acoustic Wall.