Give Your Conference Room A Sleek New Look With Glass Sliding Panels

Offices are always looking for new ways to update their space and facilitate a welcoming, friendly environment. Your office may well have got a little behind the times and needs updating. Or perhaps you want a bit of extra space, or more natural light to brighten up your office? At Modern Glide, we offer easy to use products such as operable walls and glass sliding panels that will give your office or conference room a sleek new look.


Come on in with operable walls

The see-through glass facilitates a welcoming atmosphere in your office or workspace. So if you’re in a meeting in your conference room, you can still see what is going on outside and the employees outside the conference room can see you. And as a great bonus, the openness of the glass panels gives the area a lot of natural light. So instead of sitting in a dull, dark room which might demotivate you, you will be sitting in a bright room with lots of lovely natural lighting.


Easy as 1, 2, 3

Our panels give you extra space you desire and are easy and secure to operate and move. Plus, each panel is single glazed resulting in minimal stacking space being used when the panels are not in use. So if you’re sliding them out of the way for a meeting, they won’t take up any unnecessary space.


Modern look and feel

Is your office looking a little outdated? If you’re looking for a way to give your conference room a modern look and feel, then look no further than our glass sliding panels. Our operable walls will give your office a great new look as their striking aesthetic and clean finish provide a modern dynamic to your conference room. 

Make it work for you 

The rails for our glass sliding panels are finished in either satin-anodised aluminium, or in powder-coated colour to match your design needs. So you can tailor the product to ensure it matches with the branding and aesthetic of your office, or the rest of your company’s products.


Contact us for operable walls

If you are looking to have operable walls installed into your school, college or office, then please do give our friendly team a call. Call us on 01932 918 338 or you can email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.