5 Benefits Of The MG700 Glass Sliding Panels

Implementing glass sliding panels into your office or home can make a huge difference. Allowing you to create a secluded area for meetings or a place to relax in. ModernGlide is a specialist in acoustic walls and movable partitions – covering planning, design, production and installation. We take pride in every customer inquiry, making sure it’s exactly what they had in mind.


Sliding glass panels are implemented into offices or homes to section a larger area into two smaller ones. Not only does this allow for a private space it also reduces noise. A study found that employees in an office are 66% less focused if someone is talking in the background. Our sliding glass panels are acoustically rated to reduce reverberations and other noise that may distract. 


The MG700 sliding glass panels not only reduce noise and create private space but also improve the aesthetic of your office or home. Create a section of the area to engage in meetings or relax and the walls can be easily moved or stored to open the space up. Each panel is attached to a top and bottom rail which can be safely and securely moved. The MG700 can be folded away and the single glazed panels result in neat and minimal stacking. 


The MG700 acoustic walls are extremely safe – being hung by a top rail that prevents them from falling if someone knocks into them or pushes them by accident. The movable glass walls are fitted with top and bottom rails that attach to the roof and ceiling securing them in place and preventing any movement.


We understand not everyone wants the same thing. That’s why we allow each customer to fully customise their specifications, colour and finishes to match their home or office aesthetic. The rails themselves are finished in satin-anodized aluminium or a powder-coated colour of your choice. This is a great opportunity to ensure branding is in line with your office and design needs.

Our Maintenance and Servicing

We also offer an ongoing maintenance support service to keep your moveable walls in tip-top condition and running smoothly all year round. This comes with a guarantee on all the work we complete. We offer multiple maintenance packages to suit you and your needs.

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