Revolution in Space Management MG900

In the fast-paced world of contemporary architecture and interior design, innovation, and versatility are paramount. Today, we introduce the game-changing ModernGlide MG900 Glazed Sliding Folding Flexible System, a product that redefines the way we approach spatial divisions and acoustic solutions.

Acoustic Reduction from 34dB:
One of the standout features of the ModernGlide MG900 is its exceptional acoustic reduction capabilities, offering an impressive 34dB sound reduction. This cutting-edge technology ensures that privacy is maintained even in the most bustling of environments. Whether it’s an open-plan office, a hospitality setting, or a residential space, the MG900 ensures that unwanted noise is kept at bay, fostering an atmosphere of tranquillity and concentration.

Slimline 35mm Thick Panels:
Gone are the days of bulky, intrusive partitions. The MG900 boasts slimline panels, measuring a mere 35mm in thickness. Despite their slender profile, these panels deliver uncompromising performance and functionality. The slim design not only enhances the system’s aesthetic appeal but also maximizes usable floor space, making it ideal for areas where every inch counts.

The MG900’s top-hung design allows for effortless and smooth operation, ensuring seamless transitions as the panels glide along the track. Moreover, the shallow 4mm floor guide minimizes tripping hazards, promoting safety and convenience for all users. This thoughtful feature ensures that the system blends seamlessly with the existing floor, maintaining the integrity of the surrounding architecture.

Panel Widths 450mm to 1200mm, Height Up to 3000mm:
Flexibility is at the heart of the MG900 system. Its panels come in a range of widths from 450mm to 1200mm, enabling customization to suit individual project requirements. Additionally, the system can accommodate heights of up to 3000mm, catering to various spatial configurations without compromising performance or aesthetics.

External Banded Bar Glazing Designs:
Embracing the timeless allure of Crittall bar glazing, the MG900 system offers an array of elegant designs to suit diverse design needs. These stylish glazing options not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also allow for unobstructed views and the passage of natural light, fostering an open and inviting ambiance.

The MG900 Glazed Sliding Folding Flexible System is a revolutionary solution that elevates the concept of space management. With exceptional acoustic reduction, slimline panels, top-hung functionality, and customizable features, this system empowers architects and designers to create dynamic and versatile spaces that inspire productivity, comfort, and beauty. Embrace the future of interior design with the ModernGlide MG900 – where form meets function in perfect harmony.