How Installing A Movable Walls System Can Transform Your School

In today’s modern world, it’s becoming more and more common to have flexible workspaces. Whether it’s in your school, university, hospital or office. The option to change up your working environment at the click of a finger is becoming increasingly important. That’s why both primary & secondary schools are opting to install movable walls system. 


The number of pupils in schools increasing with each passing year. So more schools are having to adapt their learning environments to accommodate the rise. An increasing amount of schools are discovering that installing movable partition walls is an innovative, effective way to improve and expand their learning environments. 


In a recent report released by the UK government in August 2019, statistics show that there are 87,000 more pupils entering the school system than in 2018. With the number of pupils in state-funded primary schools rising consecutively since 2019, it’s no wonder that many schools are struggling to find ways to accommodate all of their students. 


There are, of course, several options that school boards can consider when it comes to expanding. There’s the option of building new classrooms as an extension to the existing building. However, this can prove costly, time-consuming. Not to mention the disruption that comes with a construction site. This really isn’t ideal for students trying to concentrate on their work!


That’s why we’re seeing a growing number of schools coming to us for help. At Modern Glide, we’ve spoken to many teachers, headteachers and board members about why installing a movable wall system is the best option to adapt your school.

Sliding Partition Walls

Sliding partition walls are a popular choice amongst many schools because of the ease of use. They are especially popular in schools. Because when the wall is not in use, it takes up minimal space in your school. Ideal for separating up a lunch or assembly hall into two separate learning spaces! With acoustic reduction included in the design to help keep classroom noise to a minimum, our MG200 range is a logical choice that many schools are opting for. 


Additionally, if you prefer something that has a more ‘fixed wall’ appearance, then the MG100 range is perfect. These acoustic walls are ideally suited for environments where movable walls need to provide the environment with flexible arrangements and high acoustic-noise performance. Ideal for schools looking to create an extra quiet space for their students to concentrate on their work or even take exams. These walls are extremely secure and rigid, so you needn’t worry about any disruptions to your pupils. 

Contact us for movable walls

Installing a movable walls system is an efficient and space-saving way of transforming your school. Without the disruption and mess of building an extension to support an extra classroom! If you’re looking for some advice on what we can do for you, then contact our sales team today to see how we can help!