How Movable Walls Can Maximise Your Office Space

Having the ability and flexibility to move walls around in an office space is perfect for maximising space. Regardless of the industry you work in, flexibility is the future. Smaller offices can benefit from these partitions that open and close when needed, perfect for multi-functionality.

Increased Space

One of the greatest benefits of mobile walls includes the additional space you can use. Movable walls are designed to be versatile, making it much easier for you to maximise your office space. Instead of creating a room for meetings that are only used once or twice a day, consider movable walls. These will allow you to create a room when it’s needed, and when it’s not, you can use the space as you wish!

Acoustics And Soundproofing 

As well as their ability to provide more space, our movable sliding walls are also acoustically rated. Providing up to 58dB of sound reduction, these walls are the perfect solution for those looking for privacy with the absence of external noise and distractions. The environment can quickly be transformed from a lively office space full of noise, to an area that’s distraction-free. 


Movable walls come in a variety of materials and designs that can be designed and catered to your taste. Our movable walls are usually added to an office with the sole purpose of being used for private meetings. However, there is no set purpose for the mobile walls, the possibilities are endless!

The Types Of Movable Walls

As specialists who design and build movable walls and partitions, our team at ModernGlide provide and installs a large variety of different movable sliding walls. Our MG100 is the perfect solution for those looking to transform a space into an enclosed room for private meetings and distraction-free working environments. Other products such as the MG500 are hinged glass folding glazed wall partitions that can be easily slid back to open the space once again. We also supply fully electric movable sliding wall systems, the MG1000E which allows the user to automatically lock and seal the panels from the click of a key switch. These panels are attached to a track which is top hung providing acoustic reductions of up to 55dB.

ModernGlide – Mobile Wall Specialists  

If you are trying to maximise your office space, investing in mobile walls will allow you to open and close an enclosed space as and when you need. The flexibility these walls provide are perfect for those looking for a multi-purpose solution. Get in touch with our experts at ModernGlide here for more information.