How To Create A Multifunctional Space Without Any Construction

As businesses and companies grow and expand, they are bound to require more office space or room to accommodate new staff members and appliances. Business owners may not like the thought of extensive construction work that can be expensive and distracting to employees. Why build a physical wall when you could use a sliding wall system that can be arranged as and when needed?

The Benefits Of Sliding Walls In The Workplace

Movable wall systems provide businesses with unparalleled flexibility and versatility in comparison to a physical wall. Physical space is an element in the office that every business owner looks to improve. Movable wall systems can be arranged whenever they are needed, allowing you to make the most of the extra space when the wall isn’t needed. Movable walls also offer soundproofing and acoustic reduction, ideal for employees trying to work distraction-free in a noisy environment. 


Our MG200 manufactured panels provide a high level of acoustic reduction, whilst also providing the flexibility to work seamlessly in any commercial environment. With no need for structural head support, the MG200 has been designed for small openings, the panels are also able to be slimline stacked, saving even more space when they’re not in use! With an acoustic rating of 37dB to 49dB, these sliding walls may be the perfect solution to constructing physical walls.


Singularly desirable in office spaces, the MG500 hinged sliding folding glazed walls offer a multitude of benefits in the workplace. Similarly to the MG200, the glazed partitions can be installed almost anywhere. These glazed partitions offer superior light flow around the office, perfect for those looking to maximise natural light flow. As well as their appealing visual appearance, the MG500 offers significant sound proofing, ideal for hosting important meetings and acoustic privacy. The glass panels retain the room’s spacious feel whilst providing up to 48dB of acoustic reduction.


If you are looking for an autonomous system that is capable of opening and closing through an electronic key switch, the MG1000E may be the movable sliding wall system you have been looking for. Each individual panel is driven electronically along the track which provides the user with the choice to control the speed of closure. With an array of finishes, each system is bespoke to the business ideal for those looking to stick to branding. With up to 55dB of acoustic reduction, these sliding walls are extremely practical and versatile. 

ModernGlide – Sliding Walls & Acoustic Reduction Technology

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