How To Reduce Classroom Acoustics:

When it comes to learning in a classroom, hearing and understanding what the teacher is saying is vital to learning and obtaining the knowledge. A noisy classroom not only makes it harder to hear, but it also makes it much easier to get distracted. However, noise in the classroom can be more than students talking. Read how we can help with our acoustic absorption panels. 


Background Noise and Reverberation

The two primary factors that contribute to poor acoustics are background noise and reverberation. Reverberation describes how sounds travel, sound waves can bounce off desks, walls, ceilings… if certain sounds do this it can become very loud and hard to hear very quickly. Background noise such as other classrooms or maintenance workers mowing the grass or operating vehicles.


Problems Regarding Poor Acoustics

If a classroom has a high level of noise problems for students such as; understanding speech, maintaining attention and concentration, reading and behaviour.

Having a quiet learning space is essential for productive and efficient learning.


Acoustic Panels

Implementing acoustic panels into the learning environment can drastically change the reverberation and acoustic levels. Having the ability to instantly change the layout and sound level of your space with acoustic absorption panels allows sounds to be significantly reduced.

Not only do acoustic absorption panels benefit the students’ learning, teachers won’t  have to raise their voice to capture the attention of the class. It truly allows for the best possible learning environment.


Product Range

Here at ModernGlide, specialists in acoustic walls, panels and sound reduction there is no job too small for us! Not only are we able to provide the acoustic absorption panels, but we can also install the panels for you.

Our PanelHush range maintains flexibility and soundproofing to the highest level. Designed to reduce noise pollution and control reverberations. The panels can be selected from a wide range of colours and designs of your choice, allowing you to fit the panels seamlessly into the classroom environment. 


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