How To Reduce The Noise Levels In Your Office

An office that is peaceful is something all businesses strive for. However, the modern office environment contains many surfaces that make it easy for noise to bounce off. Which unfortunately creates an office that seems very loud. This is certainly not ideal for a productive work environment. However, that’s not to say no noise is a good thing. Our experts take you through all the benefits of acoustic ceiling panels. And how they can reduce any unwanted echo and noise!


Where Is The Noise Coming From?

Whatever the feel of your office, whether it’s a fun-loving space bursting with creativity or a measured result-driven machine. A little less noise never goes amiss. In our eyes, an office that represents balance is always the ideal workplace. And having acoustic ceiling panels will only help achieve this. It’s important to understand the exact situation when an acoustic ceiling panel should be used. Simply put, correcting the acoustics of a room has the benefit of improving the well-being and acoustic comfort of everyone inside. 


If your office is situated under a number of floors, the noise from the levels above tends to travel down the structure and effect offices below. Acoustic panels are used when the echo or sound resonance of a room is too strong. This echo and slight vibration is usually linked to the materials used in the construction of the building (glass, concrete or metal). Or simply because the decoration is too minimalist. Echoing sound can often give the impression that there is an unpleasant background noise. A subtle humming that can cause distractions. 


Our acoustic ceiling treatment is effective immediately, regardless of the space concerned. Undoubtedly this gives your workplace the peace and quiet it needs. 


How Do Acoustic Ceiling Panels Work?


Depending on how they are installed, acoustic panels can perform various roles:

  • Absorbing sound
  • Reducing sound pollution
  • Acoustic correction


 The Visual Look 

We guarantee our acoustic ceiling panels will improve the visual appearance of a room. They can be customised and adapted to fit the diameters of your workspace. You can choose from a variety of colours and finishes. Perhaps a printed, single-colour or mottled finish is what your office needs to brighten the place up? In turn, our acoustic ceiling panels improve sound absorption, and reduces noise pollution. Not only this, but they have the potential to make your workplace look amazing. 


 Accompanied by Acoustic Wall Panels 


Acoustic wall panels have become more and more popular in recent years. Not only due to their visually pealing aesthetic, but also their functionality. Acoustic wall panels are designed to combat and control noise pollution, whether that be in restaurants, reception halls or (more frequently) in offices. Used in noisy areas to reduce, correct or absorb noise pollution, a ModernGlide instalment will drastically improve your working environment.    


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