How We’re Working Through The Coronavirus Pandemic

At ModernGlide, we’re specialists in mobile walls, movable walls and sliding folding wall partitions. Over the last year, like many other businesses, we’ve had to adapt to working in a new way because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s a guide to how we’re working remotely, while continuing to help our clients create flexible work environments:

Cloud Based Systems

As a company, we were fortunate that we had invested in cloud based systems for our accounting, quotations and VOIP phones. This enabled us to have a smooth transition from working in the office, to working from home. It also means our employees have access to the relevant information they need to seamlessly help our clients at home.

Lots of Video Calls

A key element of working from home has been video calls. Having Office 365 has been a real lifesaver! So we can always jump on a Teams meeting with one of our coworkers. Or a meeting with a client that could not be done face to face if needed. Interestingly, although over the last year we have seen very few clients face to face, we have actually engaged more with them using video calling. Where in the past we may have sent an email or phone call, it has been great to video chat as this has now become second nature.

Office Improvements

We know office improvements have been a growing trend since the pandemic, and this is one we’ve embraced. While our office has been closed and we’ve been working remotely, we took this time to update the office with a complete new look and feel for when we are able to return.

Protect Your Workspace With Mobile Walls Partitions

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to us taking on some different kinds of enquiries too. Our products like movable and mobile walls can help a business to stay safe. Movable walls can help you separate areas to limit the amount of people you are in contact with. So if you’re a school or college for example and you need extra space to allow for social bubbles, mobile walls can help. These products aren’t just great during a pandemic. They are a multi use product you’ll be using for years to come.

Busy, busy, busy

In the current climate there’s been winners and losers. We’re pleased to say that the Coronavirus pandemic has not slowed us down. We’ve actually never been busier and have been thrilled to continue helping offices, schools, colleges and universities create flexible working environments.


Contact Us For Mobile Walls Partitions

If you are looking to have mobile or movable walls partitions installed into your school or office, then please do give our friendly team a call. Call us on 01932 918 338 or you can email us at Alternatively, you can fill out our online enquiry form, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.