Installation At Devon House London

Great site visit yesterday to watch the fitters taking delivery of 60 MG100 and MG600 acoustic panels for a project at Devon House London.

This project is consisting of both the MG100 solid movable acoustic panels and the MG600 flush glazed acoustic panels, with the installation over 2 levels.

Our MG100 Movable Acoustic Walls are ideally suited for high-specification where movable walls need to provide the environment with flexible, extensive stacking arrangements and high acoustic performance.

The made-to-measure panels of these operable walls work through an internal, retractable m

echanism and move quietly and quickly along the head track. In their closed position, the MG100 movable walls are extremely secure and rigid.

The top and bottom seal operation on the MG100 movable wall system can be upgraded to the semi-electric seal operation by a flick of a switch.

At ModernGlide, we have sourced an excellent range of panel finishes, ranging from our standard melamine to veneers to personalised digital images, to give you complete design flexibility.

The benefits of having glazed acoustic walls include allowing a superior light flow around the office, cost-effective installation, flexibility in the work environment as well as the simple fact that they look elegant and classy. Not only these, but they also offer exceptional sound reduction allowing for privacy to be had amongst clients or for important internal meetings.

These glass movable walls have panels constructed with an aluminium frame and come finished with a flush sheet of toughened glass to both sides of the panel, giving a flush glazed appearance. They work especially well when installed in office spaces and impresses anyone who may see them, whether they be stakeholders, important clients or business partners.

Furthermore, the aluminium frame can be coloured to choice to match your design or branding needs. These panels retain a room’s spacious sense of proportion and maximise light and clear viewing lines. Truly a magnificent office aesthetic.

The attention to detail from our Contracts Team was very impressive with 3 different timed deliveries during the day and 10 site labourers all working together.

Looking forward in revisiting site next week to check out the 180 PanelHush Acoustic Ceiling Panels being installed and checking out the finished installation of the movable acoustic wall panels.

Great work ModernGlide Team!!!!