ModernGlide: What Separates Us From Our Competitors?

Who We Are:

ModernGlide is a specialist within the industry in designing, fitting and installing soundproof materials/wall partitions to reduce noise levels. If you need to reduce your sound pollution or redesign the layout of your premises, our team can get it sorted. We approach each and every project with careful planning and attention to detail to ensure our customers are more than satisfied. 

What We Do:

For customers interested in creating a quiet zone or space, our sliding doors/wall partitions, seal gaps and absorb sound waves both in and out of the room. One of the main beliefs within our business is customer service. Each client that comes to us for acoustic assistance, receives the same high-quality service they deserve. After understanding your initial enquiry we can assist you in deciding what sort of partition or a wall would be suitable. After we identify the best-suited product for you we custom design and measure the apparatus to perfectly fit where you need it. After the design proceeds, we custom order with your measurements and specifications. You don’t have to worry about installation, we take care of that too! Our team is driven by excellence, that’s why every job completed will be flawless. 

Product Range:

MG SERIES – One of our most popular enquiries regards the MG series. These movable acoustic wall partitions have the highest acoustic rating among our products, they are installed to look like they are fixed into the wall allowing your office, school or venue to flow naturally around it. The acoustic reduction ranges from 37-58dB, the wall partition panels are top-hung without a floor track stopping the chance of the panels falling if knocked. Our walls are also fire rated up to 1 hour and can be personalized with different materials and colours accordingly. 

PanelHush – Another one of our best selling products include the PanelHush absorption panels. Designed and tested to reduce reverberations and room echoes, these panels are sure to significantly cut down unwanted noise. The PanelHush series can be customised by choosing 80 different fabric colours to match your surroundings, for customers that want everything branded we can arrange brand colours and produce them accordingly. 


Nothing lasts or works how you want it to forever. We understand here at ModernGlide things go wrong and sometimes need some TLC. Our experts are always on standby to assist with problems and resolve issues. Some of our maintenance services include; Cleaning, Lubricating, Adjustments, Inspections, Replacements and product relocation. No job is too big or small for our team. If you would like contractual support for any problems or issues with your acoustic range, our servicing comes with a guarantee on all work we complete. 

Contact Us:

ModernGlide are experts in movable acoustic walls and we approach every job with maturity, confidence and the drive to ensure it is perfect for your needs. The team is always on standby to help you with any query you present to them. If you would like more information on how mobile walls can add flexibility to your space, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call on 01483 947970 or email us at