Modernising The Workplace – Where To Start

Modern workplaces are not only designed to be aesthetically appealing and sleek, but they also have a number of features and technologies in place to improve productivity and business efficiency. Modernising the workplace is a worthwhile investment that innovates and introduces new workstations and areas for employees to work free from distraction. 

Defining Modern Workplaces  

A modern workplace is defined by a set of features paramount to employees within an office environment. These include technological, physical and psychological working conditions, aiming to improve employee well-being and the business’s productivity and efficiency. 

The Importance Of Sound Control 

Acoustics are an element within the workplace that is often overlooked. Appropriate acoustic solutions can reduce distracting noises, aid communication efforts and absorb unwanted echoes reverberating across the room. This allows employees to work on their daily tasks, free from exposed noise.

Modern Technology Solutions

An important aspect within any business involves controlling noise pollution. Poor office acoustics can lead to a number of issues amongst employees that include; poor attention, reduced productivity and increased stress levels. These are all issues that contribute to your business’s overall efficiency. Countering the issue through adequate soundproofing and acoustic reduction technology is a great way to help employees and the aesthetic appearance of your office. 

Here at ModernGlide we have a number of different solutions, designed for various workplace environments and commercial spaces. Our MG series consists of movable wall systems, designed to remove the need for individual rooms. Cancelling internal and external noises and distractions, ideal for businesses looking to maximise available space. Our MG500 consists of glass partitions that provide superior light flow, elegance and substantial soundproofing. Perfect for businesses looking to impress.

We also provide acoustic ceiling panels that can be attached to the ceiling or hung on the wall to absorb and dampen reverberation and echoes travelling around the room. Our PanelHush range comes in a variety of designs, perfect for businesses looking to incorporate a futuristic feel. Our PanelHush Sky comes in a range of colours and 28 different unique designs to meet your interior design needs.

ModernGlide – Acoustic Ceiling Panels & Acoustic Movable Wall Systems

If you would like to find out more about our wide range of acoustic ceiling and wall panels or our movable wall systems, get in touch with our experts here. Alternatively, give us a call on 01483 947970. Let our experts transform your workplace!